Monday, 24 April 2017

In the style of


Every week I would like to post in the style of one of my Simply Delightful favourite blogs. A sort of homage to the writing and presentation techniques of the bloggers.

Picture courtesy of Mum's iPhone.

This is just wonderful. And so relaxing. I just love to look at the many changing faces of our outside sitting area. Hey, take a look at those hundreds of buds just ready to burst into flower. I can't wait to inhale the heady perfume of those clematis. Can you see all the gardening activity that has been taking place at the table? Such a lot of work to do in the garden but the table will be laid out with a relaxing beer in a moment. Ha!

Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Please look my Simply Delightful Blogs to find out whose style I've tried to re-create here. :)


Sunday, 23 April 2017

If at first you don't succeed ...

I thought I could work a pattern using dcs, chains and trebles but it didn't quite work out with some rows wonky and some aligned wrongly. 

So - 


I tried again but seemed to have an alignment problem once more.


Not good.



I'll TRY AGAIN with a different pattern. This one was not to be.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Done and Dusted Ditty


When a favour's called upon me,
When a favour's called upon me,
When a favour's called upon me,
When a favour's called upon me I'll be there.


When friends of Darling Son are wed and baby's on the scene,
And the time has come to take a present there.
When said friends admired the blanket made for DG number 1
Then another of the same we'd like to share.

This is my first Tunisian crochet blanket made for DG
(darling grand-daughter).

Here is the one for DS and DD-in-Law's friends.


When a favour's called upon me,
When a favour's called upon me,
When a favour's called upon me,
When a favour's called upon me I'll be there.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunny Sunderland Point

A sunny day means out and about and this time it was to Sunderland Point with a friend.

A walk along the river led to the stoney beach. I picked some flowers and grasses along the way.

We had to spot and make smiley stones in this stretch of the walk.

Around the peninsula and the scenery changes yet again. There's plenty of driftwood on the grassy and sandy shore.

More pebbles and stones abound.

Here are the grassy parts with small pools every so often.

A visit to Sambo's grave site is a must.

My small bunch of dead gorse, fallen daffodil and creeping flowers were a gift for Sambo, among the many others left by visitors.

There was jewellery, pebbles, twigs, toys and more flowers for the boy.

Near to the site is a geo-cache with left trinkets inside. We left a gift here also.

A walk back to the beginning of our jaunt along a narrow lane guarded by gorse in all its glory led to further investigation and study of the flora and fauna.

We stopped to admire this wall and ...

also this sculpture on the shore front.

Just type in Sunderland Point in the search box or click on the label below to see more pics and read more information on this peaceful and unusual place.


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Grand Day Out

It was more of a Grand Afternoon out with a little group of friends watching all the thrills of the circus at Blackpool Tower Circus.

A wonderful setting ...

and an equally wonderful and thrilling show.

Pics weren't allowed while the circus was on but before it started we could admire the intricately decorated arena with lavish plasterwork and tiling.

The small orchestra provided live music for all of the acts and the circus ended as it always does with a lavish water finale where the circus ring is filled with water and fountains while acrobats performed above.

A Grand Day Afternoon out was had by all.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Not short on ideas

Being a short-**** person of small stature I find it difficult to reach up to the farthest corners of high cupboards. These I-Key-Yah plastic tubs come in handy and make reaching condiments and spices a breeze.

The shelves in my wall cupboards are glass so I can see what's on them from below ...

then I can call a handy volunteer (DH) to reach the larger items down.


Saturday, 25 March 2017


Time to plant the mange tout seeds today as the weather is fine and it's quite warm. The seeds were saved from last year and I've still got plenty over. Beetroot and lettuce will be planted tomorrow with potatoes going in on Good Friday.

I had to pull some more crochet back today as I'd skipped a stitch and ended up with a narrower strip for my checked cot blanket. Grr!

I've resumed swimming, dancing and walking so almost back to normal now. I'm back at the CS on one afternoon a week and it's good to be back 'playing shop'.

DD is taking DH and me out to lunch on Monday. Lucky us.

Whenever I put fresh sheets on the bed the cat comes and helps. She also helps when I mop the floor by putting paw prints on the drying tiles.

The dog that poos outside our front gate seems to have stopped for a while, thank goodness.

We're trying to eat up the freezer as it's in dire need of defrosting. We'll be eating fish, steak and chicken pieces for the foreseeable future with ice cream for afters. I need to pluck up courage and use some of the items I've been avoiding each time I open the door.

Spring and summer clothes are coming out now the weather is warming up. I've pulled some clothes out from under the bed and put some winter stuff away. Flip flop time is here - yeah!

I've not been posting for a while - still gathering momentum. Must try harder.

Buds are appearing on all the climbing plants and leaves are starting to grow on the apple, plum and pear trees. The grape vines are springing to life too.

Food for thought - if I've been typing snippets then have I been snipping or snippeting. I could have been sniping maybe?

Enough snippets snippeted now. Or could it be - enough snippets snoped?